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Stewart Old Modern Tartan Crest Table Runner

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Available in over 1000 tartan.

    Stewart Old Modern Tartan Crest Table Runner

    • Product Details: The perfect choice for table protection with a touch of elegance
    • Fabric Options: Choose between polyester twill and cotton twill
    • Size Options: Available in two sizes: 16X72 and 16X90 inches
    • Visible Design: Your custom design will be displayed on the front of the runner
    • Luxurious Finish: Finished hem edging adds a touch of luxury
    • Easy Maintenance: Machine washable for your convenience

    Enhance your table setting with our Tartan Clans Table Runners, offering both protection and style. If you prefer a more minimalist look and don't want to cover the entire table with a tablecloth, these runners are the perfect choice.

    Choose between two fabric options: polyester twill or cotton twill. Each fabric provides its own unique texture and feel, allowing you to select the one that best suits your preferences.

    The table runners are available in two sizes: 16X72 and 16X90 inches. Find the perfect fit for your table and create a visually appealing display.

    Your custom design will be prominently displayed on the front of the runner, ensuring that everyone can admire and appreciate your unique style. The finished hem edging adds a touch of luxury, creating a refined and polished look.

    When it comes to maintenance, these table runners are designed for convenience. Simply machine wash them whenever needed, making clean-up a breeze.

    Elevate your table decor with our Tên Clan Table Runners.

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    Stewart Tartan

    Clan Chief: Andrew Francis Stewart, 17th of Appin, and Crichton-Stuart, John Colum, 7th Marquess of the County of Bute.
    Note: Clan Stewart no longer has a chief, and is an armigerous clan. The Earl of Galloway is considered to be the senior cadet, but is not chief.
    Year: 1371 to 1603
    Motto: Virescit Vulnere Virtus (Courage grows strong at a wound).
    Place: Highland and Lowland

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