FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

No update in my tracking number.

Please do not worry, our website is having a little trouble on the tracking page.
Please follow these instruction to track your order:
If your tracking number starts with YT please access this link, paste your tracking number in and press track: https://www.yuntrack.com/.
If you tracking number have 10 numbers please access this link, paste your tracking number in and press track: https://www.dhl.com/us-en/home/tracking.html
If your tracking number have a lot of number ( more than 12 and have no characters ) it must be USPS, please access this link, paste your tracking number in and press track: https://www.usps.com/
All other tracking number not fit all the condition above please access this link, paste your tracking number in and press track: https://www.17track.net/en
Cancel or Modify Order.
After your order has been placed, you have 24 hours to contact our customer service team and request order modifications or a cancellation. After 24 hours, your order has already been placed in production and can no longer be modified.

Lack of items in the package.

Please do not worry about this situation.

If there are any items missing in your package mostly because there are more than 1 package in your order.
Because we have many factories which only focus on some items, not all of the items on our site. So the quantity of the package will be based on which items you bought.

Normally this situation only happens when an order has Apparel and Foot wears items. (2 different factories).

Please check your email again (spam folder) to find another tracking email from To The Closet.

If you can not find any other tracking number from us please contact us right away and we will solve it for you.

Item is not as described.

First we are so sorry about this problem.

Please contact Support@tartanclans.com and describe the problem in the most specific way possible, and please include pictures which show the part not as described. ( Please use the normal Camera to take pictures, we won't solve the case using the Camera with filter ).

We can not solve problems about the material or the size because all the information is provided on the product page before the customer places an order.

No confirmation or shipping information email.

First you have to make sure you filled your email in the checkout form when you place your order, if you didn't fill the email then no email will be sent to you.

Confirmation email: We are so sorry for this problem, please do not worry and check your spam folder to find email from To The Closet.

Shipping information email:The tracking number will be available after the day order is placed for 7-8 days so please do not worry if you do not see the email in that time. If there is still no email about tracking numbers from To The Closet after 10 days please check your Spam Folder.

If you can not find any emails, please contact us via support@tartanclans.com